Crowdselling: The Future of Digital Content Distribution?

How will buyer-seller relationships unfold in the future? New distribution channels are needed in today’s world, where creating and publishing content is an option for everyone, but selling products remains a challenge. As more up-and-coming content creators appear, the problem becomes more serious.

Simply put, if I like Dave Brubeck, I’ll exclusively search for his music. However, if you are not Brubeck or Rihanna, you’ll struggle to be noticed because nobody’s heard of you, no matter how brilliant you music may be. A presence on Amazon or iTunes isn’t always enough if your buyer doesn’t know you exist.

You can certainly publish content on your blog, but who’s going to buy your book or music there? Your friends and family might, just to cheer you up. If your blog receives tens of thousands of unique visitors a day, that’s another story entirely. But in most cases, it’s just not that simple.

So, it’s clear that we need new distribution channels which support new types of relations with the rights holders – including modern payment and copyright verification methods. It’s critically important for these distribution channels to protect the interests of all people involved, from the initial content creators to the consumers.

CrowdSelling could be the right solution to this increasing problem. Honestly, it seems quite strange that no one has thought about this concept before. Specifically what I’m referring to is the opportunity to create an alternative distribution system powered by CrowdSelling. With the right approach, all stakeholders – content creators, buyers, rights-holders, publishers, and marketplaces, could benefit from this new approach.

Personally, I have a few suggestions I think are a good start, and could serve as an impetus for new developments and services. I’ll cover a few in my next blog post. If you’re interested in the topic and have any ideas to share, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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