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The all-in-one software for photographers, models, retouchers, agencies and other photo service businesses. No manual needed. We’ve designed Recust from the ground up for the next generation of photographers and experts alike. It’s fast, dead simple and just works. Learn more

Melt (Paymentpie)
Melt is designed to help businesses and people to find, track, and manage paid subscriptions, recurring bills, and monthly expenses. What we found was that existing services barely provide tools to control and optimize recurring spending. Most solutions don’t allow clients to manage paid subscriptions efficiently, and more importantly, they offer no opportunity to streamline costs and to interact not only with suppliers and providers but also with their competitors to get the best offers. Learn more

Snipe (SnipeSales)
Snipe, a global technology company, has created the largest and most vibrant digital content ecosystem for creative professionals to license content—including images, text, videos, design, docs, audio, 3D, music and any digital content—as well as innovative tools that power the creative process. Learn more

SkimDoc is a smart service that makes it easy for your company to deliver and track of the performance of the presentations, proposals and other digital documents to your employees and customers. The best way to find out what happens to the digital papers after sending.

Intubus Video
Intubus Video creates efficient and easy to use solutions for the e-commerce and retails. We are now taking all sale processes into video content. It allows people to make purchases directly when watching of video reviews of products or services and opens up the new opportunities to communicate with customers.

Rollinks is an e-commerce and the content monetization platform that converts every mention of goods into the links redirecting users to the store where they can buy the products.

We believe that no one can deprive a person of his intellectual property. Now people are using outdated and inefficient ways, and mechanisms verify the copyright. This hinders the development of innovation, it is not logical, and not in the spirit of the new world. The world becomes an open, dynamic and intelligent. There is nothing more valuable knowledge accumulated by humankind. Learn more

O2Invest provides a solution of placing of shares of enterprises in the secondary market. You will always be able to assess the dynamics of businesses and make the right decision to buy or sell shares.

The P2P lending platform Credery is the fairest and modern way to earn money and help others. You can borrow money not only for those who are near, their friends and relatives, but also the thousands of people willing to help.

Intubus strive to provide authors with simple, reliable and secure services, tools for sharing and selling their works, to ensure interaction with customers and timely delivery of the best creations for clients and fans. Our mission is to make selling digital products efficient and straightforward.

Mariupol Public Wireless Network
The author of the city project of wireless data transfer network for local enterprises. The wireless network built by the 802.11 standards and served all the key companies, ensuring the functioning of the urban services.

Telsys Integra
Business development, customer relationships, promote new services and technological capabilities in the management of electronic components of home automation systems.

Free Internet for students
In 2000 Tal initiated a program on the connection of the city’s schools to the internet. Being a founder and a CEO of the company Itcom, held a free connection of the city’s schools to the Internet and invited the city program for several years. In the same year, with the support of the town authorities opened in the town of the first internet-clubs, providing access to the internet for all comers.

Design, installation, and commissioning of the compound to provide services to IP-telephony. Development of business strategy, management processes, developing the range of services and pricing.

One of the first professional community for photographers in Ukraine. The company sold at an early stage in 2008, one of the Ukrainian media group. At the time of sale, it was the most popular meeting place for photographers and other participants in this market.

The main directions of activities access to the internet, wireless communication, the construction of corporate networks of data transmission, software, design, and development of engineering networks in the sphere of telecommunications.

Accumulated experience and the professional staff allows the company to provide all complex of services in the field of development and equipment of the objects of modern systems of security and implement the integrated protection of the enterprises and private persons. Learn more

Samson Telecom
Development and production of Ham Radio equipment.