The barrier when selling video

The price of video content is the most prominent barrier in front of potential customers. For instance, the average price for video courses can range between $300–$1,500. To decide to pay such an amount is not so simple if you are not sure exactly what is inside. This applies even cheaper video games or other videos.

In other words, the buyer is not certain whether the video contains precisely the knowledge or information that is necessary for him, whether he likes the manner of teaching or submitting and the quality level of the product. For the customer, it would be good to get acquainted with the content before buying.

Promo videos often offered by sellers do not give customers a full picture. As a rule, these videos are executed like an advertisement and can contain good quality and encouraging words, but they do not determine the quality or the actual content of the video that the customer is going to buy.

How to sell online and how this problem could be solved.

Today we have launched the Pay As You Go (PAYGO) model for selling video content.

How it works.

It does not matter how much money a potential buyer has or how long a video is, and there are no limits on timing or minimum payment amount to start to watch. You just start watching and can stop at any time you want, go back to watching later, buy a full video, or continue to watch with a PAYGO model.

In practice, it works like this: You start watching. If you have watched one minute and stopped, you will be charged only for sixty seconds. The price for each second is determined based on the cost of the full video, which is defined by the seller. Before starting to watch, a buyer can see the price per second, and won’t be surprised when they are charged.

PAYGO allows users to get acquainted with the content; evaluate the content; and decide between further watching, buying a full video, or abstaining from buying. This is the best way to sell video online. On the one hand, it lowers the decision threshold for a buyer, and on the other hand, it presents an opportunity for video sellers to increase the total number of sales and boost the loyalty of buyers who do not have the fear of losing money.

Also, our users (authors and sellers) can create their affiliate programs to engage partners; sell video series; and attach to videos additional materials like presentations, books, manuals, instructions, audio files, etc. You can find more features here.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. We love to communicate and discuss anything involving the sale and distribution of digital products.

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